What’s the best way to market your book?

There are so many who believe that when they finish writing and have published their work, that the job is done. Unfortunately this is not true. Even if you are going a more traditional route and have been picked up by a book publishing giant, self promotion is always part of the job description. So what’s the best way to market your book?

I’m not going to wax poetical on Amazon ranking systems, or the importance of reviews (please write reviews!!!), website, FB page, twitter and so on, because I think that as an intelligent being you have already figured that one out on your own. There are a dizzying array of strategies and stories of success out there, and the nearest I can tell, the only ones getting rich off the advice are the givers of it. (blush).

Social Media is great, but conversion rates for book purchases vs people contacted is about 500:1. Some days it’s just too hard to compete with cat videos.

So what’s my 2-cents of advice on the best way to market your book?

Get out there and start pounding pavement.

As an Independent Publisher, bar none the best way to get word out about your book is good, old-fashioned word-of-mouth because you build a real market, with real people, who are invested in your successes. Start with your hometown, build a solid base of fans, and then move outwards from there.
Build a mailing list that contains real fans, and let that be your social media jumping off point, your first pebble in a real pond. Let your mailing list know when you have an event elsewhere and encourage them to share it. If they love your work, and they know you, they will.

People move, and the person you talk to today may just be the one in the next city who says – “Hey, I know that author, they’re from my hometown. We should go to that!” They will become influencers and advocates of your creative works.

Don’t be shy, be your own biggest fan. Schedule book signings. Attend conventions. Go to book clubs and let them grill you for an hour or two about story and character. Build relationships with your fan community, and ask them to spread the word. Make appearances and donations to worthy causes.

This is the most satisfying part of my promotions because how awesome are fans? You’ve done all this work, you deserve to witness firsthand how your novels are being received by the people who are supporting you. The best part of my day is when someone tells me how much they have enjoyed what I’ve created, and I get to shake their hand. Even better when they’ve brought all their friends to meet me too. 😎

So here’s my last words and a case study about the value of real life interactions. After an appearance and book signing, I had so many people asking for copies of my books in their stores, that a major book chain is now going to be carrying me on their shelves. That, my friends, is why fans are powerful. And it could not have happened without them.
Humbled and blessed, and with thanks to my advocates and fans;

~L.G.A. McIntyre
Author of The Lies of Lesser Gods series

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