The Sorcerer – Lies of Lesser Gods Book Three

The Sorcerer – Lies of Lesser Gods Book Three

The Sorcerer

Lies of Lesser Gods Book Three

The Sorcerer – Lies of Lesser Gods Book Three continues the stirring epic fantasy adventure of the mysterious warrior, Gralyre, as he struggles to rediscover his shadowed past, and the powerful Sorceress, Catrian, who dares not trust him with the fate of mankind.

Gralyre begins his quest to recover the Dragon Sword of Lyre, the fabled sword prophesized to fulfill the curse that would end Doaphin the Usurper’s reign of evil. It is an unattainable talisman, and a journey meant to claim his life but if Gralyre does not succeed it will be Catrian who will pay the ultimate price.

Meanwhile, Catrian’s Rebels ready for war, but not all of the Generals of the Resistance agree that the lowlanders should be saved when Doaphin’s battalions move to eradicate the last of humanity. The Rebels are too few to stand against so many, and they will be hard pressed just to save themselves.

Betrayal and loss plague Gralyre and Catrian from all sides.

Who can be trusted when the Gods play dice for the fate of mankind?

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