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Does your drawer look like this? It may be time to self publish.
Does your drawer look like this? It may be time to self publish.

After years of watching your work sit in a drawer, gathering dust bunnies, is it any wonder that many new and established authors are cutting out the big publishing companies and doing it themselves? Are you thinking of self publishing? Well answer, these two simple questions:

1) Do you believe in what you’ve created?  If you are like many authors, you’ve sent out your query letters, tried to get an agent, and have a stack of rejection letters piled up on your desk. BUT you KNOW you have a great story and all you want is to get it out there!

2) Can you market what you’ve created?  This is the business side. How much do you know about marketing, can you learn, and can you apply it to your product? Are you willing to put in the sweat equity to make it happen? Marketing your book to reach your audience is an ongoing process. Like a garden, it needs a little attention every day – pull the weeds, harvest what is ready, and make sure you water and get plenty of sunshine.

If you have answered yes to these two simple questions, then you are ready to self publish. There are a few platforms out there to help you get started. For The Exile, I originally published through Amazon’s CreateSpace and then added Kindle and Kobo into the mix.

It’s okay to just dip your toes in, you don’t have to drink the Kool-Aid just yet. Do some exploring, join some author forums and ask others who have gone through the process. The community is like the board of directors of your firm. Ask a question and you will get some great answers that you can apply to your endeavour.

Good Luck with your efforts. Leave a comment, ask a question and if this was helpful, please share it with your friends!



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