Tweaking the Baby

TweakingHow long have you been staring at that paragraph? How many times have you re-written it? When is enough tweaking…well… ENOUGH? Is this you? Have you become so embroiled in the editing process that all you can see are trees and the forest is now escaping you? Do you start at 8am, blink and its ten pages later and 5pm?

I am as guilty as the next author of this quicksand trap. Especially on your first book and especially if you are editing it yourself. Everything has to be perfect, and your search for that perfection borders on the psychotic.

The real question is, how do you find the confidence to say, “It’s done!” and submit it for publishing? That’s a tough question, isn’t it? It’s a journey that we all take when publishing for the first time. We are the new parent, shoving our baby out the door to meet that cruel world. Will people like it or hate it? Will they give good reviews or not?

If you have travelled far enough down the tweaking rabbit hole that you are changing a single adverb in a paragraph on a single page…stop. You are just stalling.  Take a deep breath, recognize your amazing accomplishment, and submit your manuscript.

You are an author. Your completed manuscript proves this. The accolades of your peers and the readers should be secondary to the completion of your art – though they are nice to have. But as with every social interaction – and your story is a social interaction – if you are yourself, if you are genuine in how you have told your tale – you will be well liked.  It’s done.

Good Luck with your efforts. Leave a comment, ask a question and if this was helpful, please share it with your friends!



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