The Rebel – Lies of Lesser Gods Book Two

The Rebel, Lies of Lesser Gods Book 2
The Rebel –  Lies of Lesser Gods Book Two


Lies of Lesser Gods – Book 2

by L.G.A. McIntyre

The Rebel, the anticipated sequel to The Exile – Lies of Lesser Gods Book One, continues the story of Gralyre, a warrior without equal, who seems destined to decide mankind’s fate.  When the time comes to choose, will he be a saviour, or will he fall prey to The Lies of Lesser Gods.

The Rebels are not what they seem. Instead of brave freedom fighters, they are revealed to be little more than bandits, who prey upon the Lowlanders, and create even more hardships under Doaphin’s rule.
Despite the attitude of their warriors, the resistance leaders still believe in the ideology of the cause. The Sorceress Catrian calls her generals to a war summit, for soon, Doaphin will begin the systematic annihilation of all mankind. War is upon them. And they must act to save as many as possible.

Because their need is great, Catrian grudgingly agrees to train Gralyre in the use of his magic, but the mistrust that hovers between them has not abated, nor has the simmering desire that they dare not act upon. A simple kiss could destroy the world of man.

Commander Boris has been observing Catrian’s growing fascination with the mysterious Gralyre, and decides that her distraction cannot be allowed. She must remain committed to the Rebel cause. He hatches a scheme to remove Gralyre permanently; a quest that will surely claim Gralyre’s life.


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11 thoughts on “The Rebel – Lies of Lesser Gods Book Two

  1. L.G.A McIntyre has begun an epic masterpiece! It had everything I love in a good fantasy novel: Sword dances, devastating evil and a man with a past he’s yet to discover. And every time I turned the page, something else was happening to our poor, unsung hero! Every paragraph had something exciting and sometimes terrible in store him. We’re left on an astonishing cliffhanger… L.G.A McIntyre writes beautiful and intriguing characters that I was left with for days after I’d finished reading The Exile. I can’t wait for book two, so I can reunite with my friends!
    Christy. L. Erasmus (S Legend)

  2. Hi Linda – just finished reading “Exile” and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Well done! Let me know when I can get the next book (This genre is right down my alley.).

  3. This was one of those books I just couldn’t put down….sleepless 2 nights. Thank you for autographing it for me. Please, please let me know when book 2 is available.

  4. Linda you did it again and i am anxiously waiting for book three of the series. You are by far a magnificent writer and i am proud to say you come are from Quesnel. A community know for its very talented people. Please keep me informed when the next book will be in print, thank you.

    1. Hi Colleen,

      Book three is available online through Amazon, Chapters etc, anywhere ebooks are sold, and locally at the Books and Company in Quesnel if you haven’t picked up your copy yet! LMc

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