The Flying Giraffe

Linda the Giraffe lives in her cozy Castle Between Two Rivers, and enjoys hearing tales of far off magical lands. She dreams of visiting them but everyone says, “Giraffes don’t go on adventures.”
During Skyfest Day, she meets the Flight Crew of the magical CF-18 Hornet. When she asks to go with them on their adventures, they say yes. Linda the Giraffe flies away to visit airshows all over the world. For two years, she learns about airplanes, explores
different cities, and makes friends.
In the end, she realizes that her home is  the most magical place in the world!

The Flying Giraffe is a children’s story based on the true adventures of Linda the Giraffe, who flew off with the Canadian Forces CF-18 Hornet crew in 2013. When she returned for the 2015 Quesnel Skyfest International Airshow, she had pins and stickers from all over the world, pictures and stories to tell, and a vibrant twitter following. Since then, she has become the mascot for the airshow.

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This children’s story is suitable for all ages. It introduce children to
the concepts of Geography and Airplanes, and explores the importance
of persistence in following dreams.

The Flying Giraffe by L.G.A. McIntyre featuring illustrations by Anita Baziuk, is available everywhere books are sold.