Lies of Lesser Gods

I have been writing for many years, and inspiration comes from such unlikely places. Many fans have asked where I came up with the ideas for the Lies of Lesser Gods books.

One day I was reading yet another stale rehash of the Legend of King Arthur couched as Fantasy when it occurred to me that  no one ever addresses what would happen if the Once and Future King ever actually showed up in the future. And that is where the premiss of this book began, after which it took on a life of its own, driven forward by the characters within the tale; their loves, hates and tribulations.

I especially love the strong and charismatic women within the Lies of Lesser Gods universe. I thought that this epic fantasy saga was about the Lost Prince, but I soon realized that there were other stories here that demanded to be told, that were almost more important to the fabric of this adventure.

When I write, it  is the characters that lead me. Their stories influence their reactions to events I cause. I love this part of my job!

Lies of Lesser Gods refers to the actions of people who purport to have power over others, and what becomes of everyone, as layer upon layer of lies are stripped away.

I hope you enjoy The Lies of Lesser Gods as much as I loved writing it.

~LGA McIntyre

The Lies of Lesser Gods is the stirring epic fantasy adventure of the mysterious warrior, Gralyre, as he struggles to rediscover his shadowed past, and the powerful Sorceress,
Catrian, who dares not trust him with the fate of mankind.

Who can you trust, when the Gods of Fortune play dice for the fates of mankind?


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