The Exile

“The Exile is the first book in this exciting new series and, so far, the characters, plot, writing, and even setting have all seemed like the work of a master.”

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

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There is no tale quite like a good quest. I’ve read some great quests in my time. The Lord of the Rings is the one that comes to mind now, but there have been many more. Few of them compare in scope and quality to The Exile: Lies of Lesser Gods by L.G.A. McIntyre. This is fantasy of epic proportions. This is magic on a dark and sinister scale. One thing that is essential to a good fantasy tale is a worthy villain and L.G.A. McIntyre has given us a great one in Doaphin the Usurper. He is right near the top of the greatest bad guys of all time list. A great villain is important because he can bring out the best in the protagonist. Which brings me to the thing I liked most about this novel, the heroine, Catrian Kinsel.

There are other great characters in The Exile: Lies of Lesser Gods. There is Uncle Boris, the commander of the resistance. There is Wil Wilson and Dara. And of course, there is Gralyre. But for me, Catrian Kinsel is the heroine to turn to when times are toughest. The Exile is the first book in this exciting new series and, so far, the characters, plot, writing, and even setting have all seemed like the work of a master. I plan to read this series until the end, unless for some unknown reason the quality goes down. But I don’t think it will. I have a feeling that L.G.A. McIntyre will just get better with time.


“Gripping tale of grit and action. Highly recommended.” – Enas Reviews

The Exile – Lies of Lesser Gods Book One

‘The Exile: Lies of Lesser Gods’ is a fantasy thriller where chapters set in the tale are beautifully textured with supernatural undertones saturating the intricate narrative revealing a dystopian world ruled by evil Usurper, Doaphin.

With heart felt memory of loss and perseverance charismatic warrior ‘Gralyre’ struggles to discover his own identity, battling over the fate of humanity against evil. The under current of fear and mystery is relentless, embodied powerfully in the setting of explicit adventure that is an epic read in every sense of word ticking along at a perfect pace with rich vivid world building. Author L.G.A Mclntyre is a truly gifted writer who weaves a story that is at once fascinating, full of mysteries, enigmas and puzzles to solve showcasing headstrong characters skillfully embedded in a world well painted.

Superbly crafted with well thought out diction and bold imagery ‘The Exile: Lies of Lesser Gods’ is a gripping tale of grit and action amidst corruption and greed. Those looking for an epic novel with multidimensional characters and a promising cliffhanger. Author L.G.A Mclntyre’s ‘The Exile: Lies of Lesser Gods’ is an entertaining sequel that will sharpen readers appetite for the next installment. Highly recommended.


The Exile
Cariboo Observer
The Cariboo Observer Book Reviewer: L.G.A. McIntyre marries fable and high fantasy in her first novel, The Exile …It starts off with a bang …McIntyre, following in the footsteps of many a great fantasist, has big plans in the way of a trilogy. You can feel the bones of the greater story unfold…


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