The Exile – Lies of Lesser Gods – Book One

The Exile – Lies of Lesser Gods Book One

A dangerous warrior without a past, and a powerful Sorceress who dares not trust him with the fate of mankind.


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Is he Humanity’s last hope or the herald of their destruction?

Birthed from out of a nightmare void, Gralyre’s only memory is that of an execution – his own.

Thrust into the middle of a war between the last of humanity and the tyrant who rules them, Gralyre struggles to survive a world that is foreign to him, where even his name is forbidden and to carry a sword bears a death sentence.

In a land where madness and tyranny rule is     Gralyre an insidious weapon of the evil usurper, Doaphin, or the last hope of mankind?

Doaphin has tried to infiltrate spies into the human resistance before, but the rebel           sorceress, Catrian, can easily spy the evil within their souls. But Gralyre’s hidden past tells no tales. Could the taint of the usurper be hidden within his missing memories?

“I am not a spy!”

Catrian would kill him for the danger he poses, save that Gralyre has magic, a resource
desperately needed in these dark days as Doaphin wages war against the last bastions of Humanity. Can she find a way to trust him?

“We are all susceptible to loneliness, Cat.”

Catrian can see Gralyre as he is now, a good and honourable man, but there is no telling who he has been in the past or who he holds allegiance to. Searching within his mind for Doaphin’s evil influence, at his deepest thoughts and desires, she sees Gralyre’s regard for her growing. Catrian dares not succumb to her feelings  for they might cause her hesitate when she most needs to act swiftly and decisively.

Can Gralyre trust himself to aid in the battle for Humanity’s survival when a worm of evil could be burrowing within the dark, empty places of his mind?

Pursued by Doaphin’s creatures, mistrusted by the Rebels and plagued by his mysterious nightmares, Gralyre must find a way to survive when his past could be a dangerous viper awakening to destroy those he has sworn to protect.

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14 thoughts on “The Exile – Lies of Lesser Gods – Book One

  1. I met you and bought your book at Christmas in the West Park Mall Quesnel BC. You autographed my copy and I read and found it to be an awsome read. I have recommended it to several other people and I am so looking forward to the Rebel!

  2. This is what I wrote on Pinterest.
    The Exile (Lies of Lesser Gods – Part 1) – I have read a few books in 2013 and I loved them most. But this one has been THE book that blown me away. First of my top five, I lived it, I dreamt of it and long after I closed it, it stayed with me.
    Whatever you do, do NOT forget to let me know when Rebels is out. In the meantime, I may have a quick re-read.

    1. Hi Anne-Rae,
      What a great group of authors! And Free to Enter!!

      * John Patrick Kennedy, author of Plague of Angels, The Descended series
      * L.G.A. McIntyre, author of The Exile, Lies of Lesser Gods series
      * Max Tomlinson, author of Lethal Dispatch
      * Khaled Talib, author of Smokescreen
      * Anne-Rae Vasquez, author of Doubt, Among Us Trilogy

  3. I love finding new things to read 🙂 Really excited about this one and looking forward to checking out more similar works.

  4. I love the wolf! Are you going to put more sex in The Rebel? You teased me with the dangerous kiss in Exile!

  5. This is a very engaging, imaginative and epic tale! I read it on the bus, on my lunch break, while my dinner was cooking…I couldn’t put it down. Always the sign of a good book. The author captured the nuances and complexity of the main character, Gralyre beautifully. And…what a hottie!

    I really look forward to more action packed drama and his developing relationship with Catrian (an amazingly strong woman) and OMG what a cliff hanger ending! Thank God Book 2 comes out soon. I found myself missing the characters, also the sign of wonderfully crafted story.

    Well done!

  6. Spoke with you this last weekend at the Medieval Market in Williams lake. Uou were sold out of Book one so i purchased same via smash words for my i pad… I am halfway thru first book it is an awsome read ,, im hooked…i purchased books two and three already.
    very nice meeting you and wish you continued sucess.

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